Campus Life Activities


We host a variety of weekly and scheduled programs, events and trips that engage youth in relationship building skills, teamwork, fun and physical activity 




CITYVIEW church, Scotia

A weekly gathering that is high-paced and social where youth can get to know each other, make new friends, have fun and participate in ice-breaker games, physical activity and share stories.  This is a great place for newcomers to see what Campus Life is all about.  

Small Group

CITYVIEW Church, Scotia

A weekly meeting of 6-10 youth who commit to discussing topics that may be affecting their lives - such as bullying, self-esteem issues, a death in their family - and many other topics.  Small Group is a place for sharing and building trust.   



CITYVIEW Church, Scotia

Sometimes a young person just needs someone to talk to.  One-on-One appointments provide an opportunity for a confidential session between an adult and young person about topics that might be difficult to talk about at home or at school.


Various locations

Events are large group activities scheduled in various locations around the area to highlight our Campus Life presence.  Events have included dances, group outings, back-to-school kick off parties and Lock-In - a supervised overnight activity that is fast-paced and teaches team-building skills.


Various locations

Campus Life trips are designed to take students outside of their normal everyday community into an experience they may or may not have had before.  Camping, a day trip to New York City, rock climbing or traversing a ropes course are just a few of the trips the Scotia-Glenville chapter has hosted.