Scotia-Glenville Campus Life at City View Church means a lot to me. It’s the best part of my week and it helped me restore my faith. I grew up Catholic, but my church didn’t have any programs for teenagers or anything that would keep my attention. I felt like waking up early to go to church was an inconvenience, and I never really absorbed anything they talked about. I lost interest and fell away from church. Then I got invited to my friend’s youth group, Campus Life, and soon enough I was going every week. I wanted to go to a church service and was intrigued by the sermon. Now I’m excited to go to church and was baptized last month. In January we went to Excel - a Youth For Christ retreat. Between the sermons, activities, and the music they definitely captured our attention. Thanks to Campus Life, I had an amazing experience alongside my friends. This group is where I’ve become closer with people I never would have met otherwise. Campus Life has given me many great experiences and every week is a new memory.
— Taylor
I feel like Campus Life is a great place to meet friends and hear about God and the way he helps people in their unique situations. I like how the staff are a lot of fun and take their time to interact with all of us. Campus Life is the first place I have done a bible study and discussed God with my peers. Bible study is fun and exciting the way we do it.
— Derek